Saturday, 30 July 2011

Chennai Broadband Plans - Who Should You Choose?

Hi there Chennai people.

I am a resident of Chennai who uses a lot of bandwidth and my type of work needs a great Internet connection. As a result, I have tried out several broadband providers in Chennai.

As per my conclusions, the best Chennai broadband plans are offered by Airtel. There are also decent Chennai broadband plans offered by BSNL and certain other companies although their customer service is awful. If you get a connection from BSNL, you must expect to wait at least 3-4 days for your problem to be resolved. On the other hand, Airtel often fixes any problem on the same business day as they usually have technicians roaming your area at any given point of time during the day.

If your connection breaks down at night, you have to wait until morning to get it fixed. Now, I say that Chennai broadband plans from Airtel are the best because I have hardly had any connection problems with them. I have used them over one year and I had a problem only once, when they were doing some maintenance work in the area.

The only negative about Airtel Chennai broadband plans is that they have certain limitations on where they can give certain high speed connections. For example, Airtel now offers 4mbps plans to customers who want them. But, these high speed Chennai broadband plans will require the customer to be in an area that is close to an exchange. If your area is not close, you are just unlucky. But, Chennai is constantly developing and I am pretty sure that the whole of Chennai will soon have great connectivity.

In conclusion, I would like to say that you should go with Airtel if you are looking for Chennai broadband plans. They might be a little more expensive than BSNL but they are definitely worth it as the connection is very reliable and technical support is pretty good.

You can also explore wireless Chennai broadband plans like Reliance net connect although they are fairly expensive with some rather strict usage limits. With Airtel, the highest plan that costs 2,0999 (4mbps) gives you 150 GB of usage in a month. Even if you cross that 150 GB limit, your speed just drops to 256kbps until the end of the billing cycle but you will not get charged for additional usage. As of now, no other Chennai broadband plans offer this feature.

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A Chennai Resident